prespace prefab house

A Modular House Design for Temporary Living.

prespace prefab house is designed to make your modern living experience sustainable, spatially flexible, and delightful. Above you can find more info about its exciting features and availability. prespace prefab houses can be used as nature hotels, holiday homes, temporary occupation in communities, and of course your personal tiny house that can grow.

tiny house - BIG.

prespace has built a team to provide beautifully designed and high quality architectural products to a wide range of customers.
Therefore we are developing modular prefab houses which are:
- sustainable, eco-friendly, and offer a healthy living environment
- available in size and spatial layout variations, and can be extended or dismantled
- available in different configurations to adjust to individual budgets
- smart by itself, and in future can be connected to a platform for "BIM" (Building Information Management).

At first we are developing individual hotel projects in China, building the prototypes (units can range from 30-180m2) and intend to realize projects with developers and corporate clients who want to implement our design.

If you are interested in knowing if the project fits your needs, please contact us. We will be happy to give you a detailed project introduction to consider.

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